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Reliable hosting services have been a feature of our service portfolio. We provide a suite of hosting services out of our purpose-built data centers. Data centers provide the foundations for all hosting services and their reliability has a profound impact on end-user service quality. We own and operate data centers in Ajman emirate.

Technical Solutions

Reasons to Host at Emotion Technology

E-Motion Technology e-Hosting datacenter would be a perfect location for your critical IT infrastructure to be hosted.

Electric Power

Power is backbone of datacenter infrastructure and entire uptime of the facility depends on how resilient and redundant units are configured to sustain during failures and faults occurrence. The entire electrical design system is concurrently maintained as per International standards and guidelines

  • 1. Fully redundant power feeds from two separate power grids from FEWA.
  • 2. On premises parallel-connected redundant UPS at full load –30 minutes.
  • 3. Emergency standby diesel backup generator.
  • 4. Standard power points up to 13/16 Amps including cabling, power rails and distribution boxes.
  • 5. Emergency power switch-off for customer’s securing cage.
  • 6. All feeds are redundant to the distribution boxes in order to provide full protection against failure from FEWA, UPS, or generator. Customers utilizing two power points for dual power supply servers can use the redundant power feed - which is configured during deployment within the data center.
  • 7. Power distribution to rack – 2 x 32 A single phase IEC309 industrial sockets for redundant input A & B. 63 A three phase also available.
  • 8. As standard each rack is provided with 3.6 KW.
  • 9. Special provisioning for customer specific power requirements

HVAC - Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

HVAC – Heating, Cooling and Conditioning also very critical factor to maintain availability and uptime of the Datacenter. The heat generated by IT hardware by consuming UPS power need to be removed by mean of cooling the server room. Server Rooms are cooled with precision air conditioning system where required temperature and humidity are maintained through the datacenter are round the clock and 365 days. Even the utility area like UPS/Rectifier power room, battery room and electrical distribution room also require cooling to be maintained as per standards and best practices

  • 1. Energy Efficient Design with Cold Aisle Containment
  • 2. Advanced HVAC systems providing optimal operating conditions for both people and equipment.
  • 3. Redundant air conditioning system.
  • 4. Air conditioning ventilation is designed for data center facilities - air flows through the raised floor not from the ceiling.
  • 5. Water detection sensors.
  • 6. Humidity Control.
  • 7. Can accommodate varying size racks
  • 8. Grid tiles for pressurized cold air inlet
  • 9. Hot air exits at rear after cooling equipment
  • 10. Front to rear air flow
  • 11. Special provisioning for customized air flow

Safety and Security

As the Datacenter is hosting the critical It hardware/services and information within it are very critical and sensitive and it needs to be physically protected.

  • 1. 24x7 on premise guard and secured access breach alarms.
  • 2. Multi-Tier (3 levels) of access control – building, floor, and customer’s secure cage
  • 3. Biometric scanner or card readers as per customer requirements.
  • 4. All access to the facility is recorded in the entrance logs that are maintained by on premise guard.
  • 5. Cage security – locks and access controls systems as per customer requirements
  • 6. Perimeter security – manned security gates
  • 7. Data center security – CCTV Cameras access controls systems

Fire Protection

As the Datacenter is hosting the critical IT hardware/services and information within it are very critical and sensitive and it needs to be protected from fire hazards and accidents. Entire Datacenter facility has to be protected by fire and safety equipment not only to protect the IT hardware/Data but also protect human lives and comply with local civil Defense regulations and requirement. In order to achieve this following are built in the Datacenter

  • 1. Integrated Security and Fire Alarm System with FM200 Fire Suppression
  • 2. Fully compliant raised floor system of noncombustible material with anti-static.
  • 3. Fully compliant doors and concrete floor, ceiling and walls constructed to highest standards of fire ratings.
  • 4. Smoke detection and clean agent fire suppression systems located under floor and in ceiling area. The fire suppression system is gaseous based (FM200) that is safe for use when people are present.
  • 5. Sub-division (including fire protection) between system accommodations Spaces with each partition furnished with its own fire extinguisher system.
  • 6. VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) fire alarm system
  • 7. Water leakage detection system


  • 1. Standard network points (ports) including CAT5E cabling.
  • 2. Redundant switches and patch panels – 10/100/1000 Ethernet.
  • 3. ATM/Lease line connectivity available in case required.
  • 4. Telephone lines connectivity available in case required.
  • 5. Internet connectivity available in case required.
  • 6. Building & Physical Security
  • 7. Redundant switches and patch panels – 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • 8. MPLS connectivity available
  • 9. Telephone lines connectivity available
  • 10. Internet connectivity available.


  • 1. 24 x 7 remote monitoring and facility management connected to E-Motion Technology Network Operations Center (NOC). NOC monitors alarms on UPS, generators, temperature, fire, and intrusion.
  • 2. Motion sensors and intruder alarm system to monitor all external doors and critical areas. The system allows multi-zone setting and detects movement and attempts to force-entry.
  • 3. 50 NetBotz 400 high resolution cameras with environmental monitoring system
  • 4. Camera surveillance monitoring system outside customer’s cage with 12 months’ worth of video CDs.
  • 5. All the equipment’s are centrally connected to Building Management System (BMS)


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